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Margraf Publishers GmbH

Margraf Publishers was founded in the 80ties of the last century by Josef Margraf, a well-known German biologist. It was converted into a «Limited Liability Company» in 2003, incorporating Backhuys Publishers LLC (Netherlands) since then. Beside producing and distributing scientific books, major fields of activities are the development of concepts and the implementation of trainings, mainly in the e-Learning format or as ToT (Training-of-Trainers) courses and the creation of web-based Content Management Systems (CMS).  


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Books & eMedia

For more than 20 years, Margraf Publishers has been working in partnership with the scientific community all over the world, focusing on agriculture in the tropics and subtropics as well as on botany, economics and extension. Margraf closely collaborates with some universities, both in Germany and internationally in publishing series and monographs. It is popular for high quality in content and presentation, versatility and topicality of the subjects. Competence, professionalism and credibility mark the actions of the publishing house and the performance of its staff.

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Since 2003, «Distance-Learning» courses have been developed and implemented for the water and wastewater sector as well as in the field of vocational training, mainly on behalf of the German development cooperation. Since this time, courses evolved from CBTs (Computer-based Trainings, delivered on CD) and later WBTs (Web-based Trainings) into todays e-Learnings. Modern trainings use interactive tools in a virtual learning environment (LMS – Learning Management System) to enable the learning process and collaboration among participants and trainers.


Beside the publication of content and educational aspects of an interactive Content Management System, one of our most important  services is to provide collaboration platforms. Depending on the customers (or projects or networks) needs and demands, a «tailor-made» meeting room (password protected) on the Inter- or on a local Intranet is established, combining both a customized design to suit the customers CI and a selection of tools (such as Question/Answer Service, Virtual video/audio meeting room, Forum, Webinar etc.) which are needed to fulfil a certain task.


Functional design and an attractive user interface are pre-requisites for every online-interaction and every website. Margraf Publishers GmbH has long experience in almost all aspects of traditional web-design as well as of interactive Web 2.0 elements. This guarantees a maximum benefit for our clients. Websites are usually built upon a data-based Content-Management System like Typo3, thus making actualization of the contents for the customers much easier. Depending on the demand of our clients, additional functions individually complete the service offered to the visitor of the website. The following screenshots want to offer a choice of some of the websites and services created in the last months – just contact us for further information. Please click the image to visit the particular website.

Based on the Content Management System (CMS) Typo3. Additionally programed are the «event-database» and the presentation of lecturers and students
hfmdk-frankfurt.info | 2010, relaunch 2015

Based on the CMS Typo3. Additionally programed are the overview on the range and the expertise
oekonomierat-rebholz.com | 2011, relaunch 2014

Based on the CMS Typo3. Additionally programed is the project-steering (inside a password-protected room)
dwm-acc-jordan.net | 2016

Based on PhP. Research and application on job vacancies for musicians. Publication and administration of recruitment for orchestras
music-job.com (Schott Music) | 2015

Based on the CMS Typo3. Additionally programed are the Catalogue of works and the biography
hindemith.info | 2012, relaunch 2015

Based on the CMS Typo3. Additionally programed are the interactive entry for participants and the result page, filtered by time/place
tag-der-musik.de (Deutscher Musikrat) | yearly since 2010